7 Big Benefits of a Mortgage Blogging Program

We talk a lot about mortgage blogging here at MetroDepth, because it’s one of the core services we provide to our clients. But what are the benefits of a mortgage blogging program? Why is it worth your time and/or money to pursue such a strategy?

An entire book could be written on this subject. But you’re in a hurry, so let’s zero in on the key points. Here are some of the ways a mortgage blogging campaign could help you grow your business.

1. Mortgage blogging is an easy way to grow your website.

Larger websites with more content tend to attract a larger audience, compared to smaller sites that are “thin” on content. And it stands to reason that a website with more traffic has the potential to generate more business. It’s a numbers game.

That’s another important benefit offered by mortgage blogging. By design, a blogging program makes it easy to publish content on a regular basis. It allows you to grow your mortgage website and attract more visitors — even if you have no technical or web development experience.

2. It helps you increase your ‘organic’ search engine traffic.

There are two main types of search engine traffic. Paid and organic.

  • Paid traffic comes from advertising programs like Google AdWords. This is the “pay-per-click” approach to search engine marketing.
  • Organic traffic, on the other hand, results from having relevant content on your website that matches a person’s search engine query.

Organic traffic is also free, because you don’t have to pay for those visitors. They are finding you through search engines as a direct result of your website content.

Over time, mortgage blogging can dramatically increase the number of visitors you receive through organic search results. And many of those visitors have the potential to be your next client.

By publishing new content on a regular basis, you’re giving Google users more ways to find you and utilize your services. And that’s good for business.

3. Mortgage blogging can keep people on your site longer.

Websites with a large amount of accessible, informative content tend to retain visitors longer than sites with very little content. If you offer your visitors a wealth of useful information that answers their questions and/or solves their problems, they’re going to stick around longer.

We also know from statistics that people who stay on-site longer are more inclined to take some form of action (like emailing you, filling out a form, etc.).

Translation: The longer people stay on your mortgage website, the more likely they are to become clients. And blogging can help you accomplish this.

4. A blog can help you position yourself as an authority.

Jane Doe, a mortgage broker, specializes in VA loans for borrowers in Southern California. Jane uses her mortgage blog to publish tutorials about the VA loan program, tailoring the content to home buyers in Southern California.

In doing so, Jane has established herself as an authority on a particular loan program within a particular geographical area. She could even brand herself that way, as “Southern California’s VA loan guru.”

When VA-minded home buyers land on her site, they’ll know they are in the right place. They’ll learn that Jane is knowledgeable in the very program they want to use. This increases the likelihood that they will contact her in some way — a phone call, an email, etc.

To state it differently:

You’ll have an easier time generating leads through your website if people view you as an expert within your niche. And mortgage blogging can help you position yourself in that way.

5. Blogging can help you start a dialogue with your visitors.

Many of the people who land on your blog articles will have questions about the topic covered in that article. You can encourage them to ask those questions in several ways.

Blogging programs like WordPress have commenting features built right in. If you turn this feature on, your visitors can leave a comment on your blog. You could respond to their comment through the blog, or email them directly to answer their question.

And just like that, you’ve started a dialogue with a potential client.

You could also put a link at the top of each article that says something like: “Contact me if you have questions about this topic.” (Blogging programs use templates, or “themes,” which make it easy to add call-to-action hyperlinks to all pages.)

6. Mortgage blogging allows you to generate your own leads.

Are you tired of relying on third-party providers for your mortgage leads? If so, you’ll want to develop your own lead-generation channel. And mortgage blogging can help you accomplish that goal.

We’ve already talked about the website traffic, visibility and exposure that comes from a sustained blogging campaign. Over time, this can reduce your “dependency” on third-party leads. You’re making an investment in something you own, as opposed to buying all of your leads.

It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a marathon more than a sprint. But if you want to transform your marketing program and develop your own lead-generation “machine,” you need to ramp up your website content.

7. It’s one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques.

As mentioned above, mortgage blogging has the potential to increase your website traffic and lead generation significantly.

Best of all, there’s very little cost involved. If you write your own content, it becomes a no-cost marketing strategy.

Even if you outsource the content development to a company like ours, it’s still an affordable approach to marketing. Using our services, you could maintain a weekly blogging program for less than $1,000 per month. And you would still enjoy all of the benefits mentioned above.

Believe it or not, these are not the only benefits of a mortgage blogging program. This list could have gone much longer. But it had to end somewhere, and 1,000 words is a nice round number.

Have questions? Do you have questions about launching a blog campaign of your own? Want to know what that might look like? Just shoot us an email to get started!

About the author: Brandon Cornett is a full-time real estate blogger and creator of the Home Buying Institute. He provides blogging services for mortgage and real estate professionals across the U.S.

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