5 Real Estate WordPress SEO Tips to Boost Your Traffic

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Summary: This article offers five real estate WordPress SEO tips that, when combined, could dramatically improve your website traffic and leads.

If you’ve read some of the other articles on this site, or if you subscribe to our email newsletter, you’ll know we are passionate about using WordPress to create real estate websites. In fact, it’s one of the primary services we offer to our clients.

So here comes another WordPress-related tutorial for real estate agents!

5 SEO Tips for Real Estate WordPress Websites

Below, you will find five search engine optimization (SEO) tips for WordPress-powered real estate websites. These tips have been “battle tested” in the real world and proven effective. They can help you improve your search engine rankings, visibility, and traffic over time.

1. Blog about popular topics.

If you want to attract local home buyers and sellers to your real estate website, you’ll want to use WordPress to blog about popular housing-related topics. In other words, you want to provide the kind of content your readers truly want.

I’ve written about this before. I’m revisiting it here today because it’s one of the most important real estate WordPress SEO tips on this list.

If you publish high-quality blog content on a regular basis, focusing on topics that are important to your readers, you’ll enjoy steadily increasing traffic and exposure over time.

Okay. So what topics are most popular among local home buyers and sellers? What interests them the most? I can tell you from experience that housing market reports top the list. Buyers and sellers spend a lot of time researching their local real estate markets, before entering the market. You can capitalize on this existing search activity by publishing market-related content onto your real estate website.

WordPress simplifies the publishing process, making it very easy to publish content online. So there’s no limit to how much material you can put onto your site (aside from time constraints). Make this the centerpiece of your real estate WordPress SEO strategy, and you’ll be rewarded with ever-increasing website traffic.

2. Put keywords in your titles for SEO success.

This is another real estate WordPress SEO tip I’ve covered before. It also deserves to be repeated, because it’s particularly useful for boosting your search engine performance.

Here’s what I wrote in a previous blog post on this subject:

“Search engines use lots of different ‘clues’ to understand what a particular web page is about. The page title is one of the most important elements. By adding specific keywords and phrases to your page titles, you can improve your search engine ranking and visibility for those topics … When I talk about the page title in this context, I’m talking about the title that’s visible to readers, and also the HTML title that is displayed within search results.”

For example: If you want to attract people who are Googling the “most affordable neighborhoods in your city,” you need to do three things:

  1. Write an in-depth blog post on this specific subject.
  2. Include those specific keywords in your title, right up toward the front.
  3. Make sure the page can be reached by at least one text link.

These are the minimum requirements for real estate WordPress SEO. There is more you can do. But this is where it all begins. And don’t just guess at your keywords. Research them to find out which ones will serve you best, in terms of traffic and exposure.

3. Spread keywords throughout your WordPress blog posts.

Along with tip #2 above, this real estate WordPress SEO tip falls under the heading of “on-page optimization.” It’s an enhancement you can make to your actual web pages, in order to boost search engine visibility.

And the idea here is simple. If you’re blogging about a certain topic, that phrase should be mentioned throughout the page.

This should happen naturally. For example, if I’m providing an update on the San Diego real estate market in 2016, that phrase would naturally appear throughout my article. It shouldn’t be forced. It shouldn’t sound robotic or overly repetitious. That phrase (and variations of it) should naturally recur throughout the page, in conversational fashion.

Remember, search engines need to know what a web page is about, before they can display it under relevant search queries. They need to know the main idea. Those page titles I mentioned earlier will help. But don’t stop there. Make sure your entire blog post is optimized for a certain topic or idea.

One main idea per page, thoroughly developed. That’s the key takeaway from real estate WordPress SEO tip #3.

4. Mention your city and the current year, when applicable.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that real estate agents unintentionally strip out the name of their cities when blogging. For instance, instead of specifically mentioning the “Phoenix real estate market” throughout a blog post, an agent might use more generic phrases like “our area” or “this market” or “the city.”

People might understand what city is being referred to, since they’re on the website of a Phoenix real estate agent. But search engines won’t know. And that means search engines will be less likely to display the page for “Phoenix” related searches.

This is an easy thing to fix. When blogging about your local market, be sure to include the actual name of your city (or cities) within your titles and throughout the page.

While you’re at it, include the year as well, whenever applicable. People who are researching the local market in Google and Bing often type in the year as well. They do this because they want current market information. Keep this SEO tip in mind when publishing articles onto your WordPress-powered real estate website.

5. Schedule a call for more real estate WordPress SEO tips!

If you’re serious about growing your real estate website, and you want to get more search engine traffic as a result of those efforts, I recommend signing up for a one-on-one consultation call. I’ve been involved with real estate SEO for well over a decade. I can help you grow your website traffic over time, in order to grow your business.

Consultations calls are only $65 per hour. But the information you receive will be invaluable. Email me today if you’d like to schedule a call.

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