Real Estate Email Newsletter Content Ideas: Keeping it Local

Are you having trouble coming up with content ideas for your real estate email newsletter? Do you struggle with subject lines? Not to worry. When you finish this brief tutorial, you’ll never be at a loss for real estate newsletter content ideas or subject lines.

If you give me a few minutes of your time, I’ll tell you…

  • (A) what kind of content works best in real estate email newsletters, and
  • (B) how to present it in a way that maximizes your open and click rates.

We’ll talk about content first and subject lines second, and with good reason. The subject line of your email newsletter is a direct extension of the information it contains.

Real Estate Newsletter Content Ideas: The Local Angle

When creating a real estate newsletter, it helps to think about the overriding mission. Whether you realize it or not, your newsletter content actually has two missions of equal importance:

  1. First, it must give people a good reason to join the list. People are very protective of their email addresses, and rightfully so. They don’t sign up for just any old newsletter. You have to promise something of genuine value if you want people to subscribe.
  2. The second mission of your newsletter content is to keep people on the list. If you send them generic articles they can find all over the internet, they’ll be more inclined to unsubscribe. But if you send them useful, original content tailored to their interests, they’ll stay on for the long haul.

So what do you write about? Here are some real estate newsletter content ideas to start with:

Housing market updates: Our company has been involved with real estate internet publishing for nearly 15 years, and we’ve learned that local home buyers and homeowners want to keep up with the local housing market. This is true even if they don’t have any immediate plans to buy or sell. People just want to know what’s going on in the local area, in terms of home prices, new construction, and the like. This is one of the best types of real estate email newsletter content, because it keeps people interested.

Around town: Your subscribers will appreciate it if you keep them up to speed on local events and happenings. A new subdivision being built. A new restaurant opening. A town meeting about an important issue. A spring festival or fair. This kind of content adds value to your emails. It makes it more than just a real estate newsletter. It turns it into a public service geared toward local residents.

Newsjacking: As defined in David Meerman Scott’s book of the same name, “Newsjacking” is when you inject yourself into the latest news, in a way that gets you noticed. I would go further to say it should also add value to whatever communication medium you’re using (in this case, a real estate email newsletter). Set up some Google Alerts for news relating to your local housing market, or your city in general. Google will email you a daily or weekly summary of the latest news relating to that topic. When you find something your readers should know about, you can add it to your newsletter — along with your own thoughts.

You might notice I used the word “local” several times above. There’s a reason. Original newsletter content tailored to your area will engage your readers more than generic information. Research by MailChimp (a leading email newsletter service provider) suggests that you can improve your open rates by including the recipient’s city name within the subject line.

That makes sense. After all, we care more about what’s happening in our own backyard than elsewhere. You can apply this same logic to the content of the newsletter as well, to better serve your readers.

Here’s a mantra for you: Keep it local, keep it useful, and you’ll keep people on your list.

Avoid Generic Content and ‘Fluff’

When it comes to real estate email newsletters, the most important thing is to give people what they want. And what they want is useful, interesting content they can’t find elsewhere. (If they can find it elsewhere, why do they need you?)

But many agents make the mistake of taking the more convenient route, by giving their subscribers generic, “pre-packaged” content that has been copied and pasted from some third-party source. They send their subscribers fluff articles like “Quick tips for springtime cleaning” and “How to make your home energy efficient,” and then they wonder why people are unsubscribing.

It’s no wonder — it’s obvious.

If you want to attract people to your real estate newsletter list, and keep them on the list going forward, you have to work for it. You have to provide useful content tailored to their needs. This means you’ll probably have to write it yourself, or have someone write it for you. But it’s worth the effort.

Imagine having an ever-growing list of local residents that you can speak to on a regular basis. What would that do for your business? That’s the goal of a newsletter strategy, and you have to provide great content to achieve it. Use the real estate newsletter content ideas above to get started on the right foot.

We Can Help You

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About the author: Brandon Cornett is a full-time real estate blogger and creator of the Home Buying Institute. He provides blogging services for mortgage and real estate professionals across the U.S.