Real Estate Content Writing Services

Our real estate content writing services can help you bring a steady stream of home buyers or sellers to your website.

Real Estate Content from MetroDepth

We help our clients attract home buyers and sellers online, with customized real estate articles tailored to their local markets. We offer additional guidance in areas such as SEO, to maximize results.

Our real estate content writing services can steadily increase your website traffic and visibility over time. It’s a strategy we’ve perfected through many years of experience.

Bring More Buyers and Sellers to Your Website

Right now, within your city or town, hundreds of people are researching your local real estate market. They want to know about the latest housing trends, home prices, forecasts, market conditions and more.

Our real estate content services can help you connect with these folks. With our help, you can make your website the place to go for local housing information. The end result — more traffic, more exposure, and more business growth.

Get More ‘Love’ from Google

If you begin publishing high-quality, original content onto your website, Google and other search engines will likely reward you with more traffic.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Google says about creating a search-engine-friendly website: “Provide high-quality content on your pages … This is the single most important thing to do.” We make it simple for you, by doing all of the work for you.

A Proven Method Backed by 15 Years’ Experience

Since 2003, we’ve been using these same techniques to create some of the most popular housing-related websites in America. One of our most popular sites, the Home Buying Institute, attracts thousands of home buyers every day, and is one of the most widely cited websites in the housing niche. 

This is partly what sets us apart from other real estate content writing services. Our services have been “field tested” in the real world, for well over a decade.

One Client Per Metro Area

Our goal is to make your real estate blog THE place to go for local housing market news and information. We want your site to outperform all others within your metro area, in terms of traffic, visibility and exposure.

In keeping with that goal, we limit ourselves to working with one client per metro area. We pour all of our energy, knowledge and efforts into that one client, to help them grow their business. It’s a relationship-based model you won’t find elsewhere.

Brandon Cornett, Real Estate Writer

Brandon Cornett

Brandon is the lead writer for MetroDepth and the Home Buying Institute. He is a full-time real estate reporter and blogger with more than 15 years’ experience.

Brandon has personally written thousands of housing-related articles and news stories. He has written for individual agents, industry groups, and major players like SoFi. He has a knack for identifying topics that home buyers and seller care about, and crafting high-quality content around those topics.

In addition to being a professional writer, Brandon has an extensive background in web content strategy, SEO, internet publishing, and related skills.

Content Pricing and Logistics

For the sake of simplicity, we price our services on a per-article basis. Our standard fee is $85 / $100 per blog post, depending on the delivery and publishing method:

[$85 per article, when we deliver it to you by email]

[$100 per article, when we post it onto your blog for you]

These fees do not include multiple revisions, as we have found that to be unnecessary in the vast majority of cases.

For the above fee, we will perform the following actions:

  • Research your local real estate market on an ongoing basis.
  • Write informative, in-depth blog posts of 750 words or more.
  • Edit your content to give it a professional, journalistic quality.
  • Optimize your articles to maximize search engine visibility and traffic.
  • Deliver your content by email or post it onto your blog for you.
  • Advise you on best practices in related areas (site structure, SEO, etc.).

Let’s talk: Are you ready to blog your way to more website traffic and visibility? Contact us with any questions you have!