Real Estate Content Marketing for Traffic and Leads

Our real estate content marketing services combine research, writing, SEO, consulting and more … all rolled into one service.

You want to attract home buyers and sellers to your website, in order to generate leads and grow your business. We’ve been helping real estate professionals do that for more than a decade. We should talk!

Real Estate Content Marketing, Explained

Our real estate content marketing services can help you increase your website visibility, traffic, and lead volume over time. We can help you attract local home buyers and sellers by publishing high-quality web content relating to your local real estate market.

We help our clients attract home buyers and sellers online, by publishing housing news and information tailored to their local markets. We offer additional guidance in areas such as SEO, to maximize results. Our approach to real estate content marketing can steadily increase your website traffic and visibility over time.

We’ve Built Some of the Most Popular Housing Websites

Since 2003, we’ve been using these same techniques to create some of the most popular housing-related websites in America. One of our most popular sites, the Home Buying Institute, attracts thousands of home buyers every day, and is one of the most widely cited websites in the housing niche.

This is what sets us apart from other real estate content providers and consultants. Our services have been “field tested” in the real world for well over a decade.

Benefits: Website Traffic, Visibility & Leads

With a real estate content marketing strategy in place, you are making a serious investment in your own website. You’re building your own marketing and lead-generation system, to serve you for years to come.

Additional benefits of real estate content marketing:

  • It can boost your web traffic over time — a lot.
  • It brings potential clients to your site (home buyers, borrowers, etc.).
  • It’s cumulative. More content equals more traffic (and potential leads) over time.
  • It’s a solid investment in your own web presence.
  • It’s relatively affordable, when you consider the long-term benefits.
  • It’s scalable. There’s no limit to how much content you can publish.
  • It has the potential to outperform all other marketing strategies.
  • It’s proven. We’ve been doing it for 15 years, for a reason.

Pricing and Logistics

Our content marketing packages start at $900 per month. At that level, we will produce two high-quality articles per week, and publish them directly onto your blog. This price also includes search engine optimization for all content, consulting services, and lead-generation advice. And it’s all backed by many years of experience.

Ready to Launch a Content Marketing Plan?

Are you ready to build a real estate content marketing plan for your company? Contact us today with any questions you have. We look forward to helping you!