In Real Estate SEO, Original Website Content is Mission Critical

Want to use real estate SEO to boost your website traffic and visibility? If so, you’ll need to invest in high-quality original content. All of the major search engines agree on this.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. This is a fitting expression for the modern world of search engine optimization (SEO). Take website content, for example. Google, Yahoo and Bing have long recommended that website owners offer original, valuable content to their readers. This has been the one true constant of real estate SEO — you need to publish great website content.

Definition: In this context, “original” content refers to website content (articles, news, blog posts, etc.) that you write yourself, or have written for you. It is unique material that only exists on your website. It is never copied from other sites. It is the centerpiece of a real estate SEO campaign.

What the Search Engines Say About It

So far, it’s just been me talking. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what the search engine companies themselves have to say on this subject:

  • You should “create a useful, information-rich site,” says Google.
  • “Develop great, original content (including well-implemented keywords) directed toward your intended audience,” says Bing.
  • Strive to create “original and unique content of genuine value,” says Yahoo.

See the pattern here? Notice that the word “original” was used more than once?

Original Website Content for Real Estate SEO

High-quality, original website content is the centerpiece of a real estate SEO campaign.

Website sketch

This has always been true. But it’s even more important today, due to the ongoing evolution of search engine algorithms.

If your real estate website fails to engage your visitors, you will never achieve SEO success. More importantly, you won’t be able to convert those visitors into clients, which is the ultimate goal of a search engine optimization campaign.

In the early days of the Internet, it was fairly easy to achieve top ranking in search engines. Back then, we only had a fraction of the website volume that we have today. The competition was low. So it didn’t take much to win a search engine’s “favor.” Put up a real estate website with some optimized content, point a few links to the site, and you could be in the top-5 Google results in a matter of days. As a result, the search engine optimization techniques of the past were fairly simple.

But things have changed dramatically.

Today, the search engine algorithms are much more sophisticated. They take many more factors into account when ranking websites. They also pay closer attention to how people interact with websites, upon reaching them through a search engine results page (SERP). So it’s mission critical that you offer your readers useful website content. This is the foundation of a real estate SEO strategy.

And this is where we have come full circle. Quality content has always been the core of search engine optimization. The search engine companies have been urging webmasters to create useful, informative websites with original content since day one. And this has only become more important over time, due to the exponential growth of the internet.

The bottom line is that you need to write high-quality, original website content to succeed with real estate SEO.

About the author: Brandon Cornett is a full-time real estate blogger and creator of the Home Buying Institute. He provides blogging services for mortgage and real estate professionals across the U.S.

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