Mortgage Broker Marketing to Real Estate Agents: Why Limit Yourself?

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Are you looking for mortgage broker marketing ideas to reach real estate agents? You’ve come to the wrong place. That’s not what you’re going to learn about today. Why? Because mortgage broker marketing to real estate agents is a marginally effective strategy that could limit your business growth.

I speak from experience. Most of the clients I’ve worked with over the years have sought help for this very reason. They were mortgage brokers who found themselves in a position where most of their business came from referrals — specifically, referrals from real estate agents. The problem is that this kind of marketing strategy limits growth and creates a kind of dependency.

Mortgage Broker Marketing to Real Estate Agents

I’m not saying you shouldn’t market yourself to real estate agents. It’s a good way to grow your professional network and generate occasional, referral-based business.

The problems arise when you rely almost exclusively on this one source for leads. If reaching out to Realtors is all you do for mortgage marketing, you’ll soon find yourself stagnating. Maybe you already are. Maybe that’s why you’re here now, researching mortgage broker marketing to real estate agents.

Don’t Rely on Realtors: Generate Your Own Leads

Over the years, I’ve carved out a niche for myself by doing what nobody else was doing. I developed a strategy to help mortgage brokers dramatically increase their website traffic and internet exposure — with the end goal of generating more leads.

This strategy incorporates content marketing, blogging, and search engine optimization. It’s a proven strategy I’ve been using for nearly 15 years, to grow my own websites and those of my clients.

Are you looking for an alternative to mortgage broker marketing to real estate agents? Would you like to generate your own valuable leads through your own website? If so, we should talk. Or keep reading to learn more about what I can do for you…

Here’s What I Can Do for You

I provide content-based marketing services to a small, select group of mortgage brokers across the country. I help my clients establish a strong web presence with steady traffic, day in and day out. Then I incorporate overlapping lead-generation techniques that function as conversation starters between mortgage broker and borrower.

It all starts with blogging. I write and publish high-quality articles onto my clients’ websites, several times per week. Article topics include mortgage loans, real estate news, home buying tips and more. This strategy is backed by years worth of data and experience. I know which topics are most popular among home buyers and mortgage shoppers, and I’ll use that knowledge to grow your web traffic.

At the same time, I’ll implement a variety of lead-generation strategies, such as hyperlinked calls-to-action, rate quote forms and others.

Real-World Case Study: A California Mortgage Broker

One of my clients is a mortgage broker located in the San Francisco Bay Area, who serves all of California. He came to me because he wanted to grow his business, and his current strategy of mortgage broker marketing to real estate agents just wasn’t getting it done (a common lament).

So here’s what we did:

  • This client had a simple, static website that was difficult to update. So my first recommendation was to install the WordPress blogging system. This allowed us to publish new website content on a regular basis, which is the centerpiece of my mortgage broker marketing strategy.
  • Next, I began writing and publishing housing-related content three times per week (and still do, to this day). This includes local real estate news, mortgage advice, home buying tips and the like. It’s all tailored to his primary audience, mortgage shoppers in California.
  • Meanwhile, we implemented and tested a variety of lead-generation mechanisms to see what worked best on his website, and with his audience. After a while, we settled on a combination of three specific techniques for generating leads.
  • The result: This client used to average 10 – 15 website visitors per day, mostly through Yelp and a few through referrals. At the time this article was published, he was averaging around 400 visitors per day, with a steady increase from month to month.
  • More importantly, he is generating valuables leads on a regular basis. The number of inquiries varies from week to week. But the point is that he has created his own pipeline for lead generation and loan origination — using his own website. And we’re still growing it.

Mortgage broker marketing to real estate agents is great, if you can align yourself with a top producer. But in my experience, it’s a self-limiting strategy that could hamper your growth, if you lean on it too heavily.

If you really want to grow your business and unlock your full potential, you should be building a strong web presence and generating your own leads. And I can help you do it. It takes time, and it’s a lot of hard work (on my part, not yours). But it’s a proven model for long-term success. Best of all, you own it.

Let’s talk: If you’re tired of mortgage broker marketing to agents and Realtors, and you’re ready to grow your business on your terms, send me an email. You can learn more about what I do, and I can learn more about your business and marketing goals. Maybe we’re a good fit. Maybe not. We won’t know until we talk!

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