Superior Blog Content for Mortgage Brokers

Hi, I’m Brandon. I specialize in creating high-quality, highly optimized website content for mortgage brokers, and I look forward to working with you. Please email me with your questions!

Creating Content for Mortgage Brokers Since 2006

Do you want to start blogging to attract potential clients to your website? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been writing and publishing blog content for mortgage brokers for more than 17 years. I have worked with a variety of companies, from big names like SoFi to individual mortgage brokers. Regardless of the client, I always strive to deliver measurable results in the form of website traffic and visibility.

My content writing services include everything you need, and nothing you don’t need. There are no long-term contracts or hassles to worry about … just well-written, optimized content delivered on demand.

My mortgage broker content services include:

  • Topic selection based on proprietary data and tailored to your audience
  • Professional writing and editing to achieve a journalistic quality
  • Search engine optimization to maximize visibility and traffic
  • Tips and advice backed by 17 years of publishing experience
  • 100% original content created just for you
  • Articles delivered by email or published directly to your blog

A Long-Term, Worthwhile Investment

Mortgage blogging and content creation are long-term marketing strategies. (Think of a marathon, instead of a sprint.) But they have the potential to deliver major benefits in the form of business exposure, website traffic, and client acquisition.

Best of all, this a cumulative kind of process. The mortgage blog content you publish today will attract website visitors for years to come. It doesn’t fade or vanish over time. It builds up. The more high-quality content you publish now, the more traffic you’ll enjoy down the road.

My goal is simple. I want you to be the dominant mortgage professional in your geographical area or niche — in terms of website visibility, traffic and exposure. And I have the skills and knowledge to help make that happen.

Benefits of My Mortgage Broker Content

With a mortgage blog content strategy in place, you can start building your own lead-generation system. You’ll be less reliant on third-party referrals. You’ll be creating your own traffic stream, from which you can generate inquiries and/or loan applications.

Benefits of mortgage blog content marketing:

  • It can boost your web traffic over time — a lot.
  • It brings potential clients to your site (home buyers, borrowers, etc.).
  • It’s cumulative. More content equals more traffic over time.
  • It’s a solid investment, instead of a “pay as you go” marketing strategy.
  • It’s relatively affordable, when you consider the long-term benefits.
  • It’s scalable. There’s no limit to how much content you can publish.
  • It’s proven. I’ve been doing it for well over a decade, for good reason!

17 Years of Experience

In addition to providing blog content for mortgage brokers across the U.S., I own and manage several real estate related websites. I’ve been doing this since the mid-2000s, when blogging was a relatively new technology. You might say I’m one of the “OGs” of real estate and mortgage blogging.

Brandon Cornett headshot

I’ve written hundreds of widely cited real estate news stories over 17 years, along with thousands of mortgage and home buying tutorials. I’ve worked with more than 30 mortgage-industry clients since I started offering blog content services to brokers and loan officers.

In all of that time, and through all of that experience, I’ve learned how to attract home buyers and mortgage shoppers online by offering useful content.

I also have nearly 15 years of search engine optimization (SEO) experience. So you can rest assured that your mortgage broker blog content will be formatted to achieve maximum search engine visibility — while engaging your human readers at the same time.

Content Pricing and Logistics

For the sake of simplicity, I’ve priced my content and consulting service on a per-article basis. The cost is $90 / $110 per blog post, depending on the method of delivery:

[$90 per article, if I deliver it to you by email]

[$110 per article, if I post it onto your blog for you]

For the fee mentioned above, I will do the following:

  • Research your local market and loan niche to identify key trends.
  • Write informative, in-depth articles ranging from 900 – 1,200 words.
  • Edit each article to give it a professional, journalistic quality.
  • Optimize your content using the latest Google-approved methods.
  • Deliver your content by email or publish it onto your blog for you.
  • Advise you on best practices in collateral areas, like SEO.

Do you need mortgage broker content services? Please contact me to get started!