Real Estate Lead Generation for Blogs: 5 Proven Strategies

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Looking for real estate lead generation strategies for your blog? You’ve come to the right place. Here are five blog tweaks that will help you generate more leads online.

Blogging is a great way to attract home buyers and sellers to your website. This makes it ideal for real estate marketing online, and for business development in general. Best of all, you can do a lot of it yourself — and for free.

But attracting people to your website is not enough. You also need to increase the chance they’ll reach out to you in some way. You want your blog to produce traffic and leads. Here are five strategies you can use to generate more real estate leads online.

5 Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate Blogs

Note: These lead-generation strategies are not simply theoretical. They’ve been proven in the real world, on our blogs and also on those of our marketing clients. They work!

1. Add a call-to-action line at the top of each blog post.

Blogging programs use template files to produce pages. What this means, to you, is that you can change a single file and have that change propagate across your entire site. Site-wide changes are a snap!

For instance, you could add a short call-to-action hyperlink at the top of every blog post, just by changing a single template file. You can modify the sidebar area in the same way.

We have found that placing a call-to-action link at the top of each article (right below the title or headline) improves real estate lead generation, often significantly.

Here’s an example of a call-to-action line that works well:
Call me if you have questions about the local market

This call-to-action link could be placed anywhere, but it would probably work best at the top of every blog post. The link could go to the contact information page, or it could open a pre-addressed email. Both work well, in terms of real estate lead generation.

2. Put a contact form in your blog’s sidebar area.

Real estate blogs come in all shapes and sizes. But most of them have a sidebar area to the right or left of the main content. You can put all kinds of things in the sidebar: a list of recent blog posts, a photo and short bio … or a lead generator. I recommend the latter.

Specifically, I recommend placing a short and simple contact form in the sidebar of your blog, as a real estate lead generation strategy.

We talked about the template-based nature of blogging programs earlier. This is another example of how they make your life easier. WordPress blogs themes, for example, have “widgets” that can be added to the sidebar area. You could paste the code for your contact form into a widget, and it would then appear across the entire site. It’s yet another proven strategy for real estate lead generation, blog style.

Note: we can build you a WordPress blog

3. Let people leave comments on your blog.

If you start blogging on a regular basis, you’ll eventually see an increase in traffic. Our clients tend to attract anywhere from a dozen to several hundred visitors per day, depending on the size of their markets.

Some of your visitors will want to respond to your blog posts, and this is another opportunity for real estate lead generation online. But turning on your blog’s built-in commenting feature, you can allow your readers to ask questions or comment on what you’ve written. And due to the real estate-related nature of your blog content, many of your commenters will be potential clients. So why not interact with them?

4. Put your phone number in the upper-right header, in big font.

This one seems simple, I know. But it can also make a big difference in terms of real estate lead generation. Placing a phone number in the upper-right section of a website has been shown to increase lead generation. The same goes for email addresses.

Sure, your contact information can be found on the “Contact” page. But that doesn’t capture people in the heat of the moment. It’s a click away. By putting your contact info right in front of people, on every page, you’ll generate more real estate leads over time.

And here come those helpful blog themes and templates to the rescue again. Many WordPress blog themes, for example, allow you to create a “header bar” at the top of your site that includes your phone number, email address, and even social media links. There are WordPress plugins that can help you accomplish this as well, such as the Speed Contact Bar plugin.

5. Generate more traffic by blogging often.

None of these real estate lead generation strategies will work if you lack website traffic. Or, to put it in mathematical terms…

Website traffic + lead generators = actual leads

I’ve given you some proven strategies for generating leads online. But what about traffic? What can you do to attract more people to your website? Blogging on a regular basis is a great way to accomplish this goal — especially if you focus on topics that are popular with your target audience (e.g., housing market updates and the like).

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So there you have them, five proven ways to generate more real estate leads online, using a blog. If you have questions about these lead generation strategies, or if you need help developing a blog, please let me know. We offer consultation services, web development, blog setup and more. If it’s web-related, we can do it!

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