Choosing Real Estate Keywords for Blogging and SEO

Looking for a fresh real estate marketing idea? Try this one. Build a list of real estate keywords that relate to your local housing market, and begin blogging about them on a regular basis. Now add a contact form to your blog’s sidebar area, so the form appears beside each article. And voila, you have a lead generation machine in place.

Okay, that’s a bit of a simplification. But when you get right down to it, this is what we do for our clients. We help them develop SEO blogging content plans around popular real estate keywords that relate to their local housing market. Then we create easy-to-use contact forms and place them into the blog template, over in the sidebar section. After that, it’s all about the blogging.

This real estate marketing idea can be useful for companies of all sizes. But it’s particularly well suited for real estate agents and brokers trying to reach a local audience with blogging and SEO.

Real Estate Keywords for SEO and Blogging

The concept here is pretty straightforward. You build a list of high-traffic keywords relating to your local real estate market, and then you blog about those topics on your website. Add in the contact form mentioned above, and your lead-generation machine is complete.

While it sounds simple in theory, it’s actually a lot of work. (In case you didn’t know, blogging involves writing … lots and lots of writing.)

And it has to be good content too. You can’t just throw a bunch of keyword-stuffed drivel onto your blog and expect to generate quality website traffic and leads. Garbage in, garbage out. You must work hard to produce high-quality, useful and engaging content for your readers. This is the key to using SEO keywords and blogging.

If you’re not up for all of that writing, you could pay a company like ours to do it for you.

The great thing about real estate keywords, SEO and blogging is that you can repeat the process over and over again, ad infinitum. There’s no limit to how much website traffic, or how many leads, you can generate with a real estate keyword blogging strategy. Here’s why…

You might not realize it, but home buyers and sellers in your area search hundreds of real estate-related topics every day, using search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. By publishing more of this information online, you are giving people more ways to find you. You are basically aligning your blog or website with the search patterns of your intended audience. And that’s a smart strategy.

Choosing the Right Topics to Blog About

The key to this strategy is to choose the right topics to blog about. Here’s a tip. Don’t choose topics based on your interests. Choose them based on your readers’ interests. Put yourself into the shoes of a local home buyer or seller. What do they need to know about the market?

You can’t go wrong writing about the local real estate market (home prices, general market trends, and the like). These are some of the best real estate blogging and SEO keywords, because people research these subjects each and every day. So it gives them a way to find you online.

This is one of the services we provide for our clients. I’ve personally been involved with real estate internet publishing for more than ten years. In that time, I’ve learned which topics are most popular among buyers and sellers. We also have a wealth of data from various website analytics programs, which shows us how people are finding our site through search engines. We can help you build a better, smarter SEO blogging program by choosing the right real estate keywords, and by delivering quality content to your readers.

About the author: Brandon Cornett is a full-time real estate blogger and creator of the Home Buying Institute. He provides blogging services for mortgage and real estate professionals across the U.S.

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