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There’s a lot of free real estate blog content available online, but the quality is sometimes lacking. That’s not the case with our copyright-free real estate articles. Our content is written by Brandon Cornett. Brandon is one of the most widely cited housing writers in America, and the creator of the Home Buying Institute. He is a professional, full-time real estate writer.

Our blog content is free, but don’t let that fool you. It’s professional-grade material with a journalistic quality. And you can customize it as needed and publish it under your name. You won’t find a service like this anywhere else.

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Real estate blogging is a great way to educate your readers and impress them with your knowledge. But it takes time to write high-quality, well-researched blog content. And frankly, most agents and Realtors don’t have that kind of time.

That’s where BlogStream comes in. We’ll send you free real estate blog content every week that you can publish onto your blog — content created just for Realtors. You’ll get housing market news, home buying tips, mortgage articles and more. Our copyright-free real estate articles will help you keep your readers engaged, and coming back to your website time and time again.

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Brandon CornettMeet the Writer
All of our copyright-free real estate articles are written by Brandon Cornett. Brandon is one of the most widely published housing writers in America, with citations from the San Francisco Chronicle, Bloomberg, Forbes, Time magazine, and many more. He is the creator of the Home Buying Institute and other popular housing websites. Brandon writes the free real estate blog content — but you can put your name on it.