Atlanta Real Estate Market Predictions for 2019: A Slowdown Ahead?

Recent predictions for the Atlanta real estate market suggest that home prices in the area could rise more slowly in 2019 than they did in 2018. But despite any “cooling” trend for prices, the Atlanta housing market will likely remain competitive in 2019. Buyers who postpone their purchases until later in the year could end up paying more.

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Predictions for the Atlanta Real Estate Market in 2019

Real estate markets across the country are undergoing a gradual shift, as we head into 2019. In many cities, we are now seeing slower home-price growth and more inventory. This is true for the Atlanta housing market as well. What used to be a strong seller’s market is now moving closer to “neutral” territory.

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Will 2019 Be a Good Year to Buy a Home?

For many buyers, 2019 could be a great year to buy a home in the Atlanta area. Mortgage rates remain at historically low levels, and more properties are coming onto the market. These are two positive developments for local buyers and investors.

In fact, 2019 could be the most “buyer-friendly” year we’ve seen in a while.

Just keep a close eye on home prices. If current trends are any indication, house values in the Atlanta area could continue to climb throughout 2019. So an argument could be made for purchasing a home sooner rather than later.

During the first week of 2019, thirty-year mortgage rates were hovering around 4.55% (on average). That’s higher than they were a year ago, but it’s still a relatively low average from a historical standpoint. But will it last? Analysts from Freddie Mac and the Mortgage Bankers Association predict that rates will rise gradually in 2019.

Population Growth Brings More Buyers Into the Picture

Population growth has increased demand for housing in Atlanta, on both the rental and purchase side. This could be another factor that will drive future real estate trends.

According to a report by the U.S. Census Bureau, published earlier this year, the Atlanta metro area gained nearly 90,000 new residents from 2016 to 2017. That was the third-largest population increase for that period, among the nation’s largest metropolitan areas.

According to Mike Alexander of the Atlanta Regional Commission:

“This is a place that is attractive for people to move to especially for work our employment growth here in metro Atlanta has been exceptional over the last five years coming out of the recession we have been outpacing the United States consistently for the lat four years.”

New-home construction has increased markedly across the metro area, in response to higher demand from buyers. And that could be another reason why some forecasts for the Atlanta real estate market call for more modest price gains in the months ahead.

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