In-Depth Housing Reports for Metro Areas

Victorian houses in San Francisco

MetroDepth provides in-depth real estate market reports for major cities and metros across the United States. We curate data and insights from a variety of sources, and use them to create a clearer picture of what is happening in local housing markets.

Our Latest Market Reports

We publish new housing reports and forecasts every week. You’ll always find the latest updates right here on our home page, and also in the right-hand sidebar.

Our latest reports for fall 2022:

Austin Prices Will Drop in 2023
The formerly red-hot housing market of Austin, Texas has clearly entered a cooling phase. Inventory levels are climbing rapidly, and buyers have pulled back in response to higher costs. These and other factors could cause Austin-area home prices to drop further in 2023, as they’ve done in recent months.

Dallas Home Prices Show Weakness
In a recent report published by RE/MAX, Dallas-Fort Worth was the only metro area where home prices declined from month to month. Does that mean this market is headed for a major downturn? Read our latest forecast for the DFW metroplex to learn all about it.

Phoenix Housing Forecast for 2023
The Phoenix metro area real estate market has experienced significant inventory growth over the past year. One report showed that it had the biggest increase in property listings among the nation’s major metros. As a result, this market could look very different in 2023.

Bay Area Housing Inventory Rises
After many months of record-low inventory levels, we’re finally starting to see some growth. A recent report showed that the number of real estate listings within the San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward metropolitan area rose by nearly 50% in a year’s time. That’s good news for home buyers.

Bay Area Housing Forecast 2023
We recently updated our long-range forecast and outlook for the San Francisco Bay Area region. It now extends into 2023 and includes some predictions regarding home-price growth, inventory levels, and the overall pace of the housing market.

A Resource for Home Buyers and Investors

MetroDepth is a useful resource for home buyers, real estate agents and investors. We provide unbiased, in-depth reporting on real estate market trends, to help you keep up with local housing conditions.

Our reports will give you a better sense of what’s happening nationwide, and also within major metros around the nation. We cover home-price trends, supply and demand, and other topics relevant to buyers and investors.

Disclaimer: Our reports often contain data and projections from third-party sources. We use this information to “paint a picture” of housing market trends. As a general rule, MetroDepth does not make any claims or assertions relating to the real estate scene or broader economy. Forecasts and predictions are the equivalent of an educated guess and should be treated as such.