In-Depth Housing Reports for Metro Areas

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MetroDepth provides in-depth real estate market reports for major cities and metros across the United States. We curate data and insights from a variety of sources, and use them to create a clearer picture of what is happening in local housing markets.

Our Latest Metro Reports

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Our latest reports:

A Boise Market Crash in 2022?
After a year of meteoric price growth, some are concerned that the red-hot Boise area housing market will crash in 2022. While that scenario seems unlikely, forecasters do expect home values in the area to rise more slowly over the coming months.

Austin Home Prices Likely to Keep Rising
Due to strong population growth and a limited supply of homes, house values in Texas’s capital city will most likely continue climbing through 2021 and into 2022. In fact, this metro area is poised to see another year of double-digit price growth. It would take a lot to reverse the upward trend we’ve seen over the past year.

Dallas, TX Sees Major Population Growth
According to a population study conducted by Freddie Mac, the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area is one of the fastest-growing metros in the United States. That’s partly why the local housing market is so hot right now. Home prices continue to rise across the DFW area, and that probably won’t change anytime soon.

Houston, TX Housing Outlook 2022
Like most Texas cities, Houston currently has an imbalance between supply and demand. Plenty of buyers seeking homes, but not enough properties to go around. So it’s no surprise to see a positive housing market forecast for Houston extending into 2022.

Nashville, TN Gets Bold Housing Market
A panel of economists and real estate analysts ranked Nashville as one of the top cities that could outperform the nation in 2021, in terms of home-price growth. That’s not surprising, when you consider the supply and demand situation there.

Phoenix, AZ One of the Hottest Markets
A group of housing market analysts predicted that Phoenix, Arizona would be one of the hottest real estate scenes in the country, during 2021. With tight supply conditions and steady population growth, home buyers are competing fiercely across this metro area.

San Diego, CA Still Highly Competitive
Like many of the major cities across the U.S., the housing market in San Diego, California will remain highly competitive during 2021. Home buyers should be ready to hit the ground running, due to tight supply conditions. Multiple-offer scenarios are still common in some parts of San Diego county.

Seattle, WA Suffers from Supply Shortage
Many home buyers in the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metropolitan area are having a hard time finding a suitable property within their budgets. That’s because this housing market is still suffering from a years-long shortage of homes for sale, relative to buyer demand. This in turn is driving prices north.

A Resource for Home Buyers and Investors

MetroDepth is a useful resource for home buyers, real estate agents and investors. We provide unbiased, in-depth reporting on real estate conditions in major cities across the country. Our reports will give you a better sense of what’s happening in your local market. We cover home-price trends, supply and demand, and other topics relevant to buyers and investors.

Disclaimer: Our reports use data and projections from third-party sources. We use this information to “paint a picture” of local housing markets. As a general rule, MetroDepth does not make any predictions, claims or assertions relating to the real estate market or broader economy. Forecasts should be viewed as the equivalent of an educated guess.